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VHS - 25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Stripper Deck

  • This is VHS Video Tape Format!

25 Amazing Magic Tricks With Stripper Deck 

From the Mastered In Minutes Video Libary

Video Instruction

This video shows you how to perform incredible feats which make you look like a professional sleight of hand artist in minutes. 25 great new tricks to master.

Note this is a VHS Videotape - if you still have a player to view this format this is a real bargain.

Amazing magic Mastered in Minutes!

Learn 25 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious magical tools ever devised --The Stripper Deck. This broadcast-quality video teaches you how to use the special secret of The Stripper Deck to perform incredible feats which make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes!

Amaze your friends without years of practice!

Perform like a professional without learning any complicated sleight-of-hand.

With 25 Tricks on this video, you'll be a master magician in no time!

Here is just a sample of the easy-to-learn, powerful magic with a Stripper Deck you will discover in this wonderful video.

  • Force someone to choose a card you already Know!
  • Find their selected card after the deck has been shuffled by someone else!
  • Remove 4 Aces Instantly at the same time!
  • A Card Mysteriously Rises out of the Deck!
  • Magically Separate the Red and Back Cards!
  • Deal Five Poker hands and Always Get a Royal Flush!
  • And Much More!

VHS 1994 Videotape Format. Running Time is approximately 26 minutes.

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