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Tapered Deck of Cards by Fantasma (Stripper)

  • Easy To Do!
  • No Skill Required!
  • Includes Instructions for 20 Tricks!
  • Great for The Beginning Magician!
  • Suitable for Ages 8+

Professional Magician's Deck

Tapered Deck of Cards by Fantasma

Also Known As - A Stripper, Shaved or Wizard Deck

Easy To Do -- Once You Know The Secret!

This trick deck of playing cards appears normal in all aspects and can even be shuffled & examined by your audience. Yet you can do amazing things with this deck. Have a card or two selected and you find them instantly!

A Few Examples of Trick Routines You Can Do with this Special Deck of Playing Cards!

  • The 4 Aces Appear After The Deck Has Been Shuffled!
  • Magically Make Any Card Appear!
  • A Mixed Deck Can Be Instantly Separated into Red & Black Cards!
  • Be The Ultimate Bridge Player!
  • Color Separation Extraordinaire!

This deck is sold for entertainment purposes only! T

his special Trick deck of cards should not be used for gambling purposes!

We supply the trick deck and a booklet of 16 pages of instructions for performing 20 tricks. This deck also includes a couple of Bonus cards for use inthe routines as prediction cards. This specific brand of cards is not as good of quality manufacturer of say Bicycle cards but these are good enough for beginners and those just wanting to learn some basic card tricks.

We also offer DVDs, VHS Videos and several books on additional routines and tricks you can perform with this special deck, check elsewhere on this website for details.

Media Type Shipped Product

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