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VHS - Marshall Brodien's Mystery Card Tricks Video

  • This is a VHS Videotape!
  • Magic Collectors Box!

Marshall Brodien 

"Magic Is Easy Once You Know The Secret"


The Mystery Card Tricks Instructional Video

Learn How To Do 16 Amazing Mystery Card Tricks!

Marshall Brodien teaches you how to perform some of the finest card tricks ever devised. The unique MYSTERY CARD DECK will enable you to mystify your friends with 16 astonishing tricks.

Learn some of the finest card tricks devised. Learn how to: Deal a perfect flush each time, vanish all the jacks from the deck, magically cut to the aces every time plus much more. Cards are not included. VHS format.

Learn How To Do Mystery Card Tricks!:

  • Deal a perfect flush each time!
  • Vanish All the jacks from a deck!
  • Magically cut to the aces every time!
  • Instantly find a chosen card placed in the deck!

Skill Level: For Ages 8 and up. Made in the USA in 1994

Special Note: For those not in the know. The "Mystery Deck is another name for a "Wizard",  "Stripper" or the Tampered  Deck, which we sell elsewhere on this site with various card back patterns.

Please Note: This is a VHS Videotape if you still own a machine to view it or a way to convert to digital then this is a bargain! It's likely the Box alone will become a magic collectible in years to come. We make no guarantees on the use or viewing of this very old VHS format video. What you are really buy is the Collectible Box with the cassette inside. It is possible that if you'd like to view the tape that it will play. However, we can't guarantee it. If you'd like to see a digital version it is findable on the internet. No Returns on this item. Sold "As is".





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