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DVD - Xposed Stripper Deck Secrets


EXposed Stripper Deck Secrets

Format DVD Video

On this DVD video you will learn to perform amazing feats of card magic with this normal looking Bicycle™ deck. Although this deck isn't "normal" it has been especially constructed to allow you to perfoma mazing card magic even after your specatator has cut and shuffled the deck.  This deck is known in the gambling world and by magicians as a "Stripper" deck, sometimes also refered to as a "Wizard" deck. You canu use this special deck as a force deck or a great trick deck, so many effects are possible and this DVD video will teach you how to get the most use from the deck. Hosted by Mr. Carroll Baker who takes you through each effect step by step. Video package only, deck sold separtately. 


  • The Basic Strip
  • Stripped Out Aces
  • Tabled
  • Color Strip
  • Size 13 Suite
  • Gotcha Cut
  • Rising Card
  • Card Stab
  • Direction Deck
  • Cutting Tens.

Skill Level; Beginner. Suitablke for ages 8 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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