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VHS Video Amazing Tricks with Everyday Objects

  • VHS Video Format!
  • Easy Magic!
  • Perfect for Learning Tricks to Teach Kids!

Mastered in Minutes Video Library


VHS - Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects

How many times have people said to you... "Show me a trick"...

Learn many spectacular magic tricks using ordinary objects. This broadcast quality video teaches you how to perform incredible feats which make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes!

Perform Like A Professional Without Learning Complicated Sleight-of-Hand!

Here is just a sample of the easy-to-learn powerful magic with everyday objects you will discover on this wonderful video:

  • Make a borrowed finger ring penetrate on and off of an ordinary shoelace!
  • Cause a regular pencil to defy gravity by clinging mysteriously to your fingers!
  • Restore a paper napkin back to Norman after you have torn it into pieces!
  • Penetrate a rubber band through your thumb!
  • Use your psychic powers, and three dice, to read a spectators hidden thoughts!
  • Cut a length of string into two pieces, then instantly cause them to join back into one!
  • Magically pass solid metal through metal as you link four paperclips in a chain!
  • And much more!

Amaze Your Friends Without Years of Practice!

This is a great video for an adult to learn easy tricks in order to teach kids at a Magic Camp, Workshop or Basic magic class!

Details: VHS video - Amazing Magic Tricks with Everyday Objects

Note: This Video is in the VHS video format. If you don't have a player and can get someone to convert the video for you to digital.

©1995 by Hampton Ridge Magic Creations.

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