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Bicycle Stripper Deck with DVD

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  • Best Quality Poker Size Deck!
  • With DVD Instructions!

Stripper Deck with DVD Instructions

This includes a Top Quality Bicycle Poker Size Deck

The Stripper Deck has many names in the magic community, "Wizard Deck", "Magic Cards", "Wonder Deck" "Tapered Deck",  etc. but what it really means is the deck has been cut so that one end of the deck is narrower than the other allowing you to perform miracles with a deck of these cards.

A classic among trick decks.  It looks like a regular deck of cards.  You can pass them out for examination you can even play cards with them.  Yet, you have uncanny control of selected cards after they are shuffled into the deck.  You can make the chosen card appear on top of the deck, on the bottom, or even come out of the middle.

Comes with complete instructions on DVD that will teach you 10 great tricks to do with a Stripper Deck, plus, 10 bonus card tricks that you can do with any deck of cards!

Requires no sleight-of-hand.

Skill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 8 to adult.

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