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Wizard/Stripper Deck Bicycle Poker Size

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  • Dozens Of Effects are Possible with this Special Deck
  • Instant Location of A Selected Card in shuffled Deck!
  • Located the Four Aces as If By Magic!
  • Poker Size - Bicycle brand

Wizard / Stripper Deck in Bicycle™ Poker Size

AKA - A "Stripper, Tapered or Shaved Deck"

Many brilliant tricks can be performed with this special deck. Selected cards replaced in pack and pack shuffled, yet the cards are instantly found. You may divide the two colors while the pack is behind your back. Find the Four Aces after the pack is shuffled by a spectator and dozens of other effects are possible. These are the BEST made version of this deck. Spectators can examine the deck without fear of finding a well-concealed secret.

Note for professional card magicians. This deck is a SIDE Stripper, contact us directly for Belly Strippers made in Bicycle cards.

Manufactured with Bicycle Brand Poker Cards. Complete with instructions with six tricks.

SOLD For Entertainment Purposes ONLY,!  Not Intended To Be Used for Gambling Purposes!

Skill Level; Basic - although children may want to use our "Bridge Size" Version for smaller hands. Found elsewhere on this website.

Tags Playing Cards
Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 1 left!