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UTIL-O-SILKS is a very versatile outfit which permits you to vanish silks or change them into other objects in a starling , visual manner. Imagine tossing a group of silks into the air and having them change to a dove or a bouquet of flowers or into a fan of cards. You can do it with UTIL-O-SILKS. Or you can toss two different colored silks into the air and have them change into a multi-colored silk. It's easy with UTIL-O-SILKS

The instructions supplied describe EIGHT startling methods changing silks into other objects and Three procedures for vanishing the silks. All the vanishes and changes are VISUAL.

UTIL-O-SILKS comes with Two 18-inch silks, complete instructions and the necessary something.

Note: The handkerchiefs supplied with this effect are rayon and rayon/silk blends which work well in this application.

Skill Level: Basic, Suitable for ages 17 to adult.

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Tags Silk
Media Type Shipped Product

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