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Effective Cups And Balls Book

  • An Easy Cups & Balls Routine!
  • Size 5 1/2 by 8 1/2, Soft Cover, Saddle Stitched

Effective Cups And Balls Book

by Jerry Mentzer

If you like good close-up magic, here is an easy-to-do, stand-up version of the classic cups and balls routine. This typeset booklet covers everything you need to know for a fast-paced routine in which the balls are produced from the cups, jump from cup to cup, pocket to cup, etc. You finish with the production of three large, solid balls or lemons, potatoes, etc.

The routine does not require difficult sleights. The only “palm” used in the routine is the finger palm and this basic palm plus a few fake transfers that are fully explained and illustrated make it an easy routine to perform. While written for use while standing at a close-up table, the routine can easily be adapted to use while seated.

Profusely illustrated and typeset, the book gives you all the details.

Details: Effective Cups And Balls

18 pages, softcovers, saddle-stitched, Size 5 1/2 by 8 1/2.


A Magic Methods Product

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