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Silk Potpourri By Jerry Mentzer

  • Ideas with silk handkerchiefs, Productions, Folds and more!
  • 53 pages,Spiral bound!
  • Routines for Silk Handkerchiefs!
  • Typeset with line drawing illustrations!

Silk Potpourri

By Jerry Mentzer

Many colorful ideas with silk handkerchiefs are contained in this dandy book! You’ll find many novel tricks with silks you’ve probably never thought of!! All are practical ideas used by the author over the years! Included are productions, splitting silks, flip silk production, duck production, twentieth century and many others!! Tricks you will use in your stage performances!


  • Introduction 
  • Double Knot
  • Double Knot Ungimmicked
  • Triple Silk
  • Triple Silks Ungimmicked Version
  • Novel 20th Century
  • Silk Shower
  • Matchbook to Silk
  • Cane Transpo 
  • No Gaff Blendo
  • Six Foot Blendo
  • Silks from Silk 
  • Duck Production 
  • Flip Silk Production
  • Util-O-Silks
  • Splitting Silks
  • Visible Color Change
  • Slo Motion Cigarette and Silk Combo
  • Rainbow Cascade
  • Another Blendo Idea

DetailsSilk Potpourri By Jerry Mentzer

53 pages, soft covers, spiral bound, Size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2". 

Typeset with line drawing illustrations!

©1979 Jerry Mentzer

Skill Level: Basic - Intermediate. Suitable for ages 13 to adult.


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