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Rainbow Cascade Silks

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  • Magically Produce A Handful of Silks!
  • Highly Visual!
  • Complete with 18" Silks!

Rainbow Cascade

From the center of an unprepared silk handkerchief or a gentleman's pocket square the magician procures a spot of color. The spot visibly grows into an 18-inch silk! From the center of this silk, another color appears and grows into an 18-inch silk. Color after color bubbles into view until several silks have appeared. This is one of the most colorful and beautiful items possible with silks! Highly visual! This eye catching trick comes complete with Six 18-inch silks of contrasting colors just right for the effect. The instructions supplied describe several different methods for producing the RAINBOW CASCADE.

Skill Level: Intermediate 

A Magic Methods Product

Tags Silk
Media Type Shipped Product

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