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Self-Working Handkerchief Magic By Karl Fulves

  • Effects for Close-Up or Stage Performance!
  • 61 Easy To Do Tricks!
  • 509 Illustrations Making Learning Easy!

Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

By Karl Fulves

This book is a treasury of handkerchief tricks that are easy to perform. Karl Fulves, one of today's foremost authorities on self-working tricks, has collected 61 of the finest self-working handkerchief tricks and presented them in this easy to follow, well-illustrated guidebook. No previous experience is necessary and most effects require only a simple handkerchief.

"A great deal. The book is smartly organized. A great resource for any magician." — My Lovely Assistant.

Sixty-one great tricks: pass objects through a handkerchief, dissolve handkerchief knots, make handkerchiefs appear and disappear, transform a handkerchief into an animated mouse, restore a handkerchief cut in half. Learn all the secrets of folds and knots essential to this type of magic.

Contents Include
Quick Tricks

  • Threading the Needle
  • Comedy Production
  • A Glass of Helium
  • The Holdup
  • Mystery Ring
  •  No Pockets
  • Crazy Compass

The Cords of Phantasia

  • The Cords of Phantasia
  • The Antique Shop
  • Ribbonesque
  • Houdini's Coat

 Silk Appear

  • The Trap Fold
  • The Birthday
  • The Coil Fold
  • A Novel Production
  • Silk from Silk
  • Collard


  • Freefall
  • Half Thru
  • Exit Coin
  • General Rise
  • Pentapencil
  • Curio
  • Pop Up
  • Jump Up


  • Paper-Bag Vanish
  • Silk Spectrum
  • An Impromptu Vanisher

Sympathetic Silks

  • Think Alike
  • Sympathetic Silks

The Mouse

  •  The Mouse

94 Square-Knot Secrets

  • The Square Knot
  • Teach-In
  • Dissolvo
  • 102 Switch Over
  • Releaso

Psychic Silks

  • Instanto
  • Matchmaker
  • Match Mates
  • Triple Prophecy
  • No Strings
  • Glorpy
  • Spooky Spoon

 Twentieth-Century Silks

  • Come Back Silk
  • They Jumped
  • Twentieth-Century Silks
  • Cut and Restored
  • Decapitated Knot
  • Cut Up
  •  Ultra Cut


  • Produce a Wand
  • Bottle Production
  • Rainbow Silks
  • Double Appear


  • Fatima
  • Willie
  • The Rabbit
  • He Found It!

Cards and Handkerchiefs

  • The Jinx Deck
  • Four-Way Prophet
  • Zombie Card Rise
  •  Magic with "Handkerchief Magic"


Details: Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

184 pages, softcover, perfect bound, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".


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