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Second Lecture Notes by Jerry Mentzer

  • Lecture Notes from Jerry Mentzer's Tour in 1976 & 1980
  • Items on Rope, Silks, Cards & Close-up
  • Softcover, 24 pages, Saddle Stitched

Second Lecture by Jerry Mentzer

These are the Lecture Notes to Jerry Mentzer's Magic Club  & Convention Lecture Tour in1976 & 1980, they are original copies left over from the tour. It's doubtful if we will ever reprint these notes as several of the effects contained ended up in other Mentzer titles thru the years since these were printed.   The information contained is good and still works today! 

You need not have attended the lecture to get value from these lecture notes as they are well written.

Contents include;

Matchbook to Silk
Cards -Silks- Blendo
Improved Kavorting Kords
Wallet Prediction
Novel Twentieth Century - Un-gimmicked silks - also published in Silk Potpourri by Jerry Mentzer.
Boden's Wild Card Routine - Outline
 Rainbow Twist                                                                                                                                                                                         Into the Case "Magical Lee"
Four Way Coincidence - also published in Card Cavalcade 3 by Jerry Mentzer

NOTE: The items printed in BOLD above  in the Contents section are available pre-made direct from us. Search this site by Title.

Details: Second Lecture
©1976 Jerry Mentzer, Magic Methods
Softcover, typeset, stapled manuscript, 8.5 x 11", 24 pages.

NOTE: The copies we have shown some age from years of storage, IE; rusted staples for the binding, but otherwise like new and are very readable.



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