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Vanishing Bowl of Water by Morrissey

  • Bowl Full of Water Vanishes!
  • Great Stage Effect!
  • Collector's Item!

These are No longer being manufactured.

Vanishing Bowl of Water

by Morrissey Magic - Canada 

Basic Effect: A  bowl sitting on an attractive metal tray is brought forward by the magician's assistant. The magician fills the Bowl with water. from a pitcher. The Bowl is covered by a large cloth. The bowl is removed from the tray under cover of the cloth, the outline of the bowl can clearly be seen beneath the cloth. The performer carries the covered bowl forward toward the audience, without any false moves the cloth is tossed into the air!!! The bowl and all the water have vanished!!!!

This prop is best suited for a performer who uses an assistant. Easy to do, this is one very big effect that will leave them talking.

Sturdily manufactured in steel with a painted lacquer finish. The bowl is approximately 7 inches in diameter. The diameter of the tray is approximately 12inches.  Overall height of the bowl sitting on the tray is 4 inches.

Supplied complete bowl, tray, black "silk type" cloth and instructions.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Suitable for ages 13 to adult.

Media Type Shipped Product

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