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Morrissey Cups and Balls Set in Aluminum

  • The Classic Magic Effect!
  • Made of Metal!
  • Complete with Routine!

Metal Cups and Balls Set

Made in Spun Aluminum 

Manufactored By Morrissey Magic in Canada

This set of Cups and Balls was manufactured by Morrissey Magic in Canada. The set of three spun aluminum cups includes hand knitted 1" balls and complete basic instructions presented in a cloth drawstring carrying bag.

With each Set sold we also include a copy of Jerry Mentzer's book "Effective Cups & Balls"(a $10.00 vale) Free. If you'll take the time and practice necessary to learn this wonderful routine it will serve you well. It's a proven routine suitable for stand up performances. Other than the cups set and the included 1" balls, to perform Jerry's routine as described in the book you'll also need Three Final Load Balls in the 2" size. He also suggest using 3/4" size balls in the routine.

Once you've learned enough magic effects to present a proper show rot your friend s& family you want props that reflect your dedication and passion for the art of Magic. Once you're past the usual plastic cups and pom pom ball props, you want a professional set of metal cups. This Set of Cups can be your next step up in the World of Magic.


  • Made of spun Aluminum.
  • 3 Cups Size: Each cup stands 3 3/4" Tall. The mouth opening of each cup is 2 1/2" across.
  • All three cups standing nested is 6 3/4" tall.
  • Supplied with four 1-inch hand crocheted Balls - Note: color may vary from the photo above.
  • Red Cloth drawstring carry bag included with every set.
  • MFG. by Morrissey Magic 

Please Note: These sets of cups & Balls were found in the Magic methods warehouse when we took over the business in 2014. We have no idea how old there are as Morrissey Magic went out of business many years ago. The Sets are sold as "new" and never have been used. As time goes on these Cups will become collector's items.

Skill level: Beginner. This set is suitable for ages 7 to adult and makes a great beginners set of this classic magic effect.

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