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Cups, Cups, Cups, Book M.T. Shute

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  • Cups and Balls Routines!
  • Full details on a variety of moves!
  • 45 printed pages.

Cups, Cups, Cups

By Merlyn T. Shute

This book is an analytical, easy to understand how and why about the famous cups and balls routine. Full details on a variety of moves with the cups are described and the how & why of their working. This analytical method of teaching makes learning easier, quicker, and undoubtedly more enjoyable.

It took quite a while for this great work to get the recognition it so deserved!

Contents Include:

  • One Ahead: Explores the one ahead principle using three standard cups and no palming.
  • Ye Olde Shelle Game: explores the walnut shell & pea game as it relates to the cups. Introduces palming, the principle of diversion, and history. Describes the basics of the walnut shell and pea routine
  • Another Opening: An opening routine introducing some advanced moves. Uses the Combination Cups (2 regular, one chop cup)
  • The Slip and Flip: Unstacking the cups mouth down even though balls are hidden "nested" between them
  • The Flip: loading a palmed ball as the ball on top is "flipped" into the air
  • Before the Beginning: Some "flourishes": cup through the cup, wand ball production, wand through cup
  • dealer's Choice: Sequence where the spectators choose where the balls will end up
  • Stairway to the: A sequence using a "shovel" move
  • 3ariants: Discussion and routine with two standard cups
  • And Then There Were Three: A routine adding some opportunity for flourishes
  • Have Cup - Will Travel: covers lateral travel of the ball between the cups, based on a John Mendoza handling
  • To Cup It Off: Thoughts on ending the routine, using large loads

DetailsCups, Cups, Cups

By Merlyn T. Shute

Cover design & Illustrations by Sid Lorraine

45 pages, saddle-stitched, softcover, size 5 1/2" by  8 1/2".

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