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Dove Drumhead Tube by Morrissey Magic

  • A Rare Warehouse Find!
  • Long Out Of Production!
  • We Only Have One Left!

Dove Drumhead Tube by Morrissey Magic

Single Load Size



A silver tube is shown completely empty, it may be handed out for inspection if you wish, when returned both ends of the tube are capped with tissue paper, and metal rings are used to hold the paper in place thus making a drum! The magician waves his hand, says a magic word, then breaks the tissue and produces a Live Dove! Silk handkerchiefs, paper garland, silk streamers, spring flowers, and/or other small objects may be substituted for the live animal.  A classic effect of magic, well-made in aluminum. 



  • 10-inches Tall with both paper ring holders in place.
  • 3 3/4-inches Wide at the mouth, Before the paper ring holders are added on.


NOTE: This is a rare collectible magic item. Morrissey Magic has been out of business for many years, and this item is almost impossible to find these days. We have 1 left, it's brand new in the original box with instructions and never used.


Note: Production Items are not included with the prop.


Skill Level: Basic

Media Type Shipped Product

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