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Chop Cups and Balls Combo Set in Copper by Morrissey

  • Quality Copper Cups & Balls!
  • Use as a Single Chop Cup Too!
  • Mfg. by Morrissey Magic!

 Classic Magic

Chop Cups and Balls Combo Set made in Copper

Mfg. by Morrissey Magic

These are New/ Old stock - Never used.

Cups & Balls Set made in Copper by Morrissey Magic of Canada. Hand knit balls vanish, appear, penetrate and even multiply, while manipulated under a set of three solid cups made of copper. Sheer magic!

The Basic Effect: Three metal cups and three balls are presented to the audience. The balls when placed on top of any cup can penetrate, multiply, or vanish. There are as many different ways to present this "the oldest trick in magic" as there are songs that can be played on a piano. Learn the basics and then create your own routine to entertain and amaze your audiences.

Not only can you do the classic Cups & Balls routine in style with these gleaming copper cups, you can also do a Chop Cup routine using just one cup. With this special gimmicked cup included you can do some amazing things that are Not possible with an ordinary set of Cups & Balls. You get written instructions for performing both types of routines. In addition, If you mention it in the comments section at check, we'll included a Free (a $10. value) copy of Jerry Mentzer's booklet entitled "Effective Cups and Balls". This is Jerry's complete Cups & Balls routine explained in detail.

Please Note: We found a few of these sets in our warehouse, they are in excellant condition and never used. I'd guess they are from the last runs by the Morrissey Magic Co. in Canada during the 1990s. The cups are wrapped in tissue and are packaged in the original cloth bags. These were some of the Best sets made in this price range. The color of the Bag and Balls you receive may differ than the ones pictured. If you have a perference please ask us. We also sell other Ball colors and 2" Final Load Balls elsewhere on this website.

Supplied complete with:

  • 3 Copper Cups 
  • 4 - Hand crocheted knit balls!
  • Printed Instructional Routines for the solo Chop Cup AND The Cups and Balls are included!!
  • Packaged in a draw string style Cloth carrying bag to protect your investment!

Skill Level: Intermediate.

Media Type Shipped Product

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