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Wizard Stripper Deck by Enardoe™

  • Instant Card Locator!
  • Easy To Do!

12 Modern Card Mysteries!

Wizard Stripper Deck by Enardoe™

Instant Card Location for Many Tricks!

Volunteer returns his chosen card to the deck and it is, shuffled. Within a split second, you locate his card. Over a dozen great tricks can be performed with this amazing special deck of cards. You can even allow your friend to shuffle and cut the cards before you locate their selected card every time!

The included Illustrated instructions were written by Dr. Harlan Tarbell author of the Tarbell Course in Magic (found elsewhere on this website) The BEST written Complete Eight Volume Course in The Art of Magic! 

The Secret Is All In The Cards!

You receive a deck of Bridge Size superior quality playing cards with complete instructions on how to do 12 tricks with the deck.

Backstage information about this deck: These decks were produced by the E.O. Drane company of Chicago from the 1920s up until the 1980s when the company was acquired by Phil Morris founder of Morris Costumes in Charlotte, NC. The brand name "Enardoe®" is actually the backward spelling of "E.O.Drane" who started the company as a novelty and gift company. The deck has what is known in the playing card trade as an "Aviator Back" design ad are in Bridge size.These specific decks were printed in the 1970s.

Skill level:  Beginner, suitable for ages 7 years and up!

Media Type Shipped Product

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