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Stripper Deck in Bicycle with Red backs - Premium Grade / Fine Cut

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  • These Are Pro Grade Stripper Decks!

Stripper Deck in Bicycle with Red backs - Premium Grade / Fine Cut

Manufactured by Don Boyer - The Deck Tailor

Please note: These are professional grade - please purchase only if you have had experience using stripper decks. These decks are not for beginners.

  • Deck boxes are open but cards are in factory fresh, new deck order.
  • Bicycle brand with  Red backs.
  • Edge strippers have the traditional stripper cut - use them for Hindu shuffles. (For overhand shuffles, use our end strippers.)

When you get an edge stripper deck (the traditional kind of stripper, cut on the long side) at a magic shop, it’s usually a factory-produced model, broadly cut - the kind of product that’s great for an amateur, but it’s too easy to notice; not the kind of tool most professional performers would ever consider suitable. 

Factory-made stripper decks are often cut as broadly as diff. 0.9-1.0 mm. A Premium Grade deck by "The Deck Tailor" is cut to diff. 0.5 mm, +/- 0.05 mm - a much finer cut. It’s subtle enough to become more difficult to detect, while still being very functional, enough to allow even beginning performers to pull half the deck apart from the other half with little difficulty.


Don Boyer, The Deck Tailor, measures his work in wedge-cut decks using something he calls the “differential,” or “diff.” for short. This is the measurement change created in one dimension when the deck is cut at an angle in the other dimension. For example, if you make a traditional stripper deck, cutting along the long side of the deck, the differential would be the change in width of the cards from the top of the deck to the bottom of the deck as a result of the cut. When cutting along the short side, the differential would be the change in the length of the cards from one side of the deck to the other side as a result of the cut. The broader the cut, the easier the deck is to manipulate using the gaff work, but at the same time, the easier the work becomes to spot.

Skill level: Advanced. Not for beginners. Suitable for ages 21 and up.

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