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VHS - Cups & Balls Teach-In Sessions Video by GMVL

  • Note-This s a VHS Video Tape!
  • The Box alone may become a magic collectible in the future!
  • Very Few Copies In Stock!

Still In original Shrink Wrap!

VHS - Cups & Balls Teach-In Sesions Video

Part of The Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions

Note-This is a VHS Video Tape! If you still own a VHS player then this bargain is for you, if not there are several ways to convert to digital. 

Learn everything you need to know to perform the Famous Cups & Balls Trick!

This was the very first Greater Magic Video Library Tech=in Session vide. This was a new concept in video magic instructional teaching in 1997. The sessions featured a variety of magic's most legendary artists performing and explains one classic effect. No other video library contains such a rich history of talent and material from which to draw. 

On this specific video you'll see how Johnny Paul's famed Cups-and-Balls routine differs from Charlie Miller's, Michael Ammar's and Mike Rogers's. You'll gain insight on each [performer's philosophy, style and subtlety on the same effect.



‚ÄčSkill Level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 10 to adult. 


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