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VHS - The Self-Levitation Video

  • VHS Videotape Format.
  • Learn To Levitate!

 The Self-Levitation Video

Starring Michael Maxwell & Paul Harris!

This is a VHS videotape if you still own a player to view or a device to convert you've bought a bargain!

  Learn The Real Work On The Balducci Levitation!

On this videotape, Michael Maxwell not only teaches you how to properly perform The Balducci Levitation but he also shares exclusive inside tips from David Roth. David has made the levitation one of his featured effects for lay audiences for many years and never tipped the "real work' until this video was made.

Learn to Levitate with No Gimmicks Whatsoever...

Thar's right, no gimmicks, yet you give the audience the perfect illusion that you are floating right off the ground!

No Strings or Wires!

No Hydraulics!

No Mirrors...Just You!

Easy To Do!

No Returns allowed This VHS videotape is still shrink-wrapped in the original package.


Media Type Shipped Product

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