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VHS - Sensational Acts of Mystery Men Vol.1 GMVL

  • This is a VHS Video Tape format.

VHS - Sensational Acts of Mystery Men Vol.1

Part of The Greater Magic Video Library - Teaching Sessions

Please NoteThis is a VHS video if you still have a machine to play it or a way to convert to a digital format you're getting a bargain!

This is a video that you will treasure for the rest of your life. It contains classic routines, original illusions and seven of the worlds most exquisite top professionals. Well over an hour of magical pleasure and learning.

The Sixth Volume in the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series is Sensational Acts Of Mystery Men. This video showcases these fabulous and legendary acts that have stood the test of time...over and over again...all over the world. Seven different effects by seven magical performers are certain to please everyone who views this performance video. Though not a lecture video, one can learn the art of stagemanship and timing, see professionals performing their classic acts and in all cases, their original routines as well. See Charlie Miller take the classic rice bowls and without saying a word make it an entertaining piece of magic. Watch Jay Marshall's favorite friend, Lefty, whom we never tire of seeing. Enjoy Marvyn & Carol Roy's, better known as Mr. & Mrs. Electric, dynamic, high energy act that has played all over the world. See top illusionist, Hans Moretti and his famous Fir Tree Levitation. See Great Britains top magical entertainer, Paul Daniels great routine with Sidewalk Shuffle. And Europes fabulous Salvano and his award-winning act. The premiere dove act in the world, second to none, Shimada. This is a video you will enjoy. Well over an hour of magical pleasure. Classic Routines, Original Illusions, Manipulation At Its Best, Exquisite Showmanship, Check Out The Timing By The Top Professionals Featuring Sensational Acts Of Mystery Men are Charlie Miller, Paul Daniels, Marvyn & Carol Roy, Hans Moretti, Salvano, Shimada and Jay Marshall


Skill Level: None

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