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Color Spot Wild Card

  • Standard Wild Card Effect but Made with Giant Color Spots!
  • Perfect For Performing for Groups that Don't Like Playing Cards!
  • Specially Printed Bridge Size Cards & Easy Instructions!

Add This To Your Virtual Show Line-Up!

Color Spot Wild Card

Children and some adults do not understand standard playing cards, and are not able to distinguish between different playing cards. Some groups, religious and otherwise, would prefer you not use playing cards when performing for them. Color Spot Wild Cards is the answer! This is the standard wild card effect, but with cards bearing large color spots instead of regulaton faces. Eight cards, all with spots of one color are shown along with one with a different color spot. All eight change to match the odd card.
Specially printed cards packed with complete instructions.

NOTE: The instructions included explain the routine using regular playing cards. So... essentially you're getting two versions in one package. The "Spot" cards included are bridge size with a Blue or a Red spot in the center. Meaning You may get a set with all Blue Spot Cards and One Red spot or vice versa. This trick makes a great trick for Virtual shows too!

SKILL LEVEL-Basic. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Skills required: This routine requires "the Hamman Count" to perform well. If you're unfamiliar with this counting technique we suggest you also consider purchasing our book "Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety' by Jerry Mentzer. (Found elsewhere on this website). This classic book of "secret moves" will teach you step by step how to do "The Hamman Count" among many others.

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