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Happy Birthday Surprise by Miller

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  • Paper Is Torn & Restored with A Surprise Ending!
  • Easy To Perform! A Fun & Unique Piece for your Kids Show.
  • Made In The USA!

Happy Birthday Surprise

At Last The Perfect Paper Tear For Birthday Celebrations!

Mfg. by Jack Miller Enterprises

This effect is similar to Top Hat Surprise,(found elsewhere on this site) only a Birthday Cake is pulled from a Birthday present with a long multi-colored paper chain.

What your audience sees:

The performer displays Two pieces of tissue paper are shown one is Party Themed, the other is white. These papers are torn up and rolled up into a ball of tissue. Performed with an audience helper, whether it be a child or adult, this is where the comedy by play can be injected, along with your personality. And whether you have magic words yelled, a wand waved or other various comedy bits. Upon opening the ball of paper, it is seen that the tissue has formed a Birthday Present. (A bit of a flat one) You now open the present or allow a helper to participate in producing yarns of colorful tissue paper garland in the form of a chain. If you're familiar with what a "Mouth Coil" looks like, you get the picture. You may present the produced paper to the person celebrating a special occasion.  This is a real Photo moment for everyone and the Honoree will be sure to keep the special paper. This is a very cost-effective performance piece for the length of time you can get with the routine and something that will be remembered. Most likely you'll be the only one in your area performing this effect, well...until they see the reactions you get with it.

Sold as a pack of 12 units. Package includes 12 multi-colored Birthday presents with folded Birthday cake inside, 12 multi-colored tissue papers 6” by 9”, - 12 white tissue papers 6” by 9” and 12 multi-colored tissue paper coils. 

Beginners in magic should start with the Basic Paper Hat Tear, this HB Surprise Tear version takes a little more practice to perfect.

Skill Level: Medium 

Made In The U.S.A.



Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 1 left!