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Mouth Coils Londono-Style Multi-Color Paper Production/Jumbo

Only 1 left!
  • Jumbo Mouth Coils are Twice as Long!
  • Over 40 Feet of Multi-Colored Tissue Paper!
  • NOT A Simple Sprial Shape but Jacob's Ladder Style!
  • Easy To Use!

Jumbo - Twice as Long!

Mouth Coils - Londono-Style - Multi-Color Paper Production

Also Known As Kolour Koyles, Sr.

Pack of 12 Pieces

Tissue paper chain, Jacob's Ladder shape, not a simple spiral only, as some other brands, this allows for more bulk. This Jumbo Senior size is twice as long as our Regular mouth coils. The tissue chain begins with white, then eight other colors are repeated twice, and then ends with white. The chain is about 46 feet long. Package of one dozen coils.

Because of the "Jacob's Ladder style" offered in our Londono Coils, this allows for more bulk of paper especially if you plan to make a surprise production from under the coiled up paper that you just produced.

While this coils are known in the magic community as "Mouth Coils" they are not limited to being produced from your mouth. In fact, we suggest you do Not put these Production Coils in your mouth. In this new day and age we suggest you produce the paper streamer from places like, your or a volunteer's hand, a production prop like a Square Circle, Drawer Box, Temple Screen or one of the other many production devices available. Use your imagination and you'll find a unique way to use these in your act that will have your audience saying Wow!

A Real Show Stopper

NOTE: With enough lead time, we offer custom color combinations, for example, Patriotic (red, white & blue), school or team colors, Christmas Holiday (red, white & green), Halloween (black & orange). We usually stock these special color combinations close to the appropriate holiday. Check under the Accessories tab of this website for the listings. 

We also offer Coils made of any printed paper, such as Money or Happy Birthday patterns. These special order papers have a slightly higher price.

Made In The U.S.A.




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