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Mouth Coils-Halloween Colors-Paper Production

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  • This Set of 12 pieces is in Halloween Colors!
  • Black & Orange Paper Production!
  • Made In The USA!
  • Skill Level: Basic

Mouth Coils - Halloween Colors of Black & Orange

Multi-Color Paper Production

You Do Not have to produce these paper Coils from your mouth to have a great effect. You can produce these from your hand or from a prop.

Regular 24 foot Size - "Londono Style"

The basic effect: The performer produces mounds of colorful tissue paper from their mouth. You don't have to put the coil in our mouth to get a great looking effect. An alternate routine is to take a white piece of tissue paper( we include these in the pack) or just a paper napkin works, tear it up or allow a spectator to tear it up and you can perform a "Do As I Do" routine. From the torn pieces in your hand, you produce the colorful streamer of paper or from the spectator's hand. The coils can also be hidden in a prop, say for a theatrical play or show and produced. The coils are very small and are Not re-useable. The package contains 12 coils, so you can perform the effect a dozen times.

These "Londono Style" tissue paper coils are Jacob's ladder shape, not a simple serial design, which makes them appear fuller. The paper chain starts out with white and then continues with Halloween Theme colors Orange and Black.

We stock seasonal colors too: During the month or so before Fourth of July, (Red, White & Blue Coils) Halloween,(Orange & Black) and Christmas (Red, White & Greenwe usually have these special colors in stock. Just inquire if you don't find them on the website. Occasionally we have Premium Printed Paper coils with a Money or Happy Birthday Imprint, inquire about available stock. Longer lengths and Jumbo styles are also available.

All of these coils are handmade in the USA and take a lot of time to prepare. 

Custom Color combinations are available with enough lead time allowed for manufacturing. If you need special colors for a corporate event, school team colors, etc. Just call or e-mail us.

Skill Level: Basic

Made In The USA!

Media Type Shipped Product

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Only 1 left!