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Doing Magic for Youngsters By Bert Easley & Eric P. Wilson

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  • Two Books In One!

Doing Magic for Youngsters

By Bert Easley & Eric Wilson

This is Actually Two Books in One!

Bert Easley's 

Doing Magic for Youngsters


The Art of Conjuring To Children  by Eric Wilson

Keep mischievous kids interested and entertained!  If you do magic for kids, you cannot afford to be without this remarkable work by that well-known professional, Bert Easley. Even if you've been doing magic for kids all your life, there are valuable instructions, pointers, rules, hints, and vital information in this work that are worth thousands to anyone who entertains children. All the Tricks are tested material as used by Bert in his own shows. Just as important are Easley's detailed instructions on HOW TO MANAGE AND KEEP MISCHIEVOUS KIDS INTERESTED AND ENTERTAINED! 


Contents Include:

Dedication - Bert Easley

9 A "Different" Kind of Audience
10 Audience Participation Essential
12 The "Magic Word"
13 An Opening Stunt
14 Forget the Adults
14 Rules - Break Them at Your Own Risk!
17 Advance Arrangements
18 Routine is Unimportant
18 Visual Comedy Better Than Subtle Jokes
19 All This and Money, Too
20 Personified Appeal
21 Use Volunteer Assistants
22 Tricks That Have Stood the Test
23 "Sucker" Tricks Always Good
23 Pulley-Pulley
23 A Juvenile "Six Card Repeat"
24 The Rabbit Parade
26 Poor Poor Peter
29 Oh Boy! Milkshake!
32 Get Money From Me
33 Custom Made Candy
36 In Conclusion

37 Part II The Art of Conjuring TO Children (Eric P. Wilson)
43 Chapter I Foreword (Wm. G. Stickland, British Ring, I.B.M.)
45 Chapter II The Art of Conjuring to Children (and Adults)
49 Chapter III A Complete One Hour Programme for Children's Shows
49 No. 1 The Wand and Silk
52 No. 2 The Bottle and Glass
56 No. 3 Cover
58 No. 4 Paper Bags
61 No. 5 Brer Rabbit
66 No. 6 At the Party
69 No. 7 Snowballs
71 No. 8 The Magical Barber
74 No. 9 Black and White
77 No. 10 Cinderella
80 No. 11 Christmas Eve
85 Chapter IV Reflections
86 Chapter V Hints on How to Make the Tricks
91 Chapter VI For Your Number 2 Programme
91 - The Young Conjurer
93 - The Man in the Moon
96 - The Perfect Rabbit Production
99 - Snowman and Father Christmas
102 - Cissie the C.O.W.
106 Chapter VII Magical Gags
106 - Boys Will Be Boys
108 - What No Hair?
108 - 7 + 5 = ?
111 - The Elongated Wand
111 - Socks
112 - What! Stung Again
113 - An Egg Bag Tip
114 - The Paper Tree
115 Chapter VIII Engagements and Publicity Ideas
118 Chapter IX Hints: a few Do's and Dont's
122 Chapter X I Bow


Details: Doing Magic for Youngsters

122 pages, soft covers, perfect bound, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Illustrated by Stanley F. Martin


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