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Mouth Coils Patriotic Colors Paper Production

  • This Set of 12 pieces is in Patriotic Colors!
  • Red, White & Blue Paper Production!
  • Made In The USA!
  • Skill Level: Basic

Mouth Coils - Patriotic Colors

Multi-Color Paper Production

You Do Not have to produce these paper Coils from your mouth to have a great effect. You can produce these from your hand or from a prop.

Regular 24 foot Size - "Londono Style"

The basic effect: The performer produces mounds of colorful tissue paper from their mouth. You don't have to put the coil in our mouth to get a great looking effect. An alternate routine is to take a white piece of tissue paper( we include these in the pack) or just a paper napkin works, tear it up or allow a spectator to tear it up and you can perform a "Do As I Do" routine. From the torn pieces in your hand, you produce the colorful streamer of paper or from the spectator's hand. The coils can also be hidden in a prop, say for a theatrical play or show and produced. The coils are very small and are Not re-useable. The package contains 12 coils, so you can perform the effect a dozen times.

These "Londono Style" tissue paper coils are Jacob's ladder shape, not a simple serial design, which makes them appear fuller. The paper chain starts out with white and then continues with Patriotic Colors of Red, White, and Blue.

We stock seasonal colors too: During the month or so before Fourth of July, (Red, White & Blue Coils) Halloween,(Orange & Black) and Christmas (Red, White & Greenwe usually have these special colors in stock. Just inquire if you don't find them on the website. Occasionally we have Premium Printed Paper coils with a Money or Happy Birthday Imprint, inquire about available stock. Longer lengths and Jumbo styles are also available.

All of these coils are handmade in the USA and take a lot of time to prepare. 

Custom Color combinations are available with enough lead time allowed for manufacturing. If you need special colors for a corporate event, school team colors, etc. Just call or e-mail us.

Skill Level: Basic

Made In The USA!

Media Type Shipped Product

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