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DVD - Sure-Fire Kid Show Magic

  • Everything on this DVD works to make children laugh!
  • Includes A 35-minute performance by David!
  • Explanations by David on magic and comedy!
  • Over half of this material has never been released!

Sure-Fire Kid Show Magic

By David Ginn

Everything on this DVD, taped at Clown Camp LaCrosse in June 1983, works wonders to make children laugh and applaud and love the performer — you! The first 70 minutes is all David Ginn's magical show & tell. Then the staff brought in a live children’s audience, and David performed a 35-minute show to prove his teaching with real children. Excusing the children after the show, David goes on to explain more magic & comedy, with an inspirational closer. Includes: LECTURE : appearing wand, wand to silks, comedy warm-ups, hot book, 6th finger, silk illusion, color-changing shoelaces, shoelace in the bag, vanishing Coke bottle, computer baby, yellow school bus gag, banana trick, King Kong goes bananas, then bananas explained. SHOW: blooming bouquet, instant Rubik’s cube, beads of Prussia, Tricky Bottles, Star Wars 20th Century, Wander-Filled Card in Balloon, Big Silk Quick Ending. SHORT EXPLANATION plus You Gotta Love Children and Please Come Back.

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