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How To Be a Magic Clown vol.2

  • Really 3 Books in One!
  • Some Great Info If you perform for Kids!
  • Additional Info on Walkaround, Make-up, Juggling, etc.

How To Be a Magic Clown Vol. 2 Book

Written by Three Professional Clowns!  Ernie Kerns, Fred Olsen and G. Elmar Jones

Magic clowning is a fine side line for the magician, especially a kids performer. This series can help put you in that business, increase your income, and ensure you a lot of fun.

The first volume of this book put many a magician into the clowning business-for fun and profit. 

Now here's a great big Volume 2-actually three books in one, each written by a pro in the fascinating field of clowning. 
Part One: Clowning for Fun and Profit by Ernie Kerns. Covers information on the physical aspect of a magic clown, plus many wardrobe ideas, special props, vehicles, gags, and routines. Also an important section on where to look for work, how to be a pro, booking schools, etc.
Part Two: Go To Town as a Magic Clown by Fred Olsen
Another professional magic clown sets forth his ideas on promotional clowning, clown magic, working with kids, walkarounds, juggling, and bookings.
Part Three: Working Clowns Handbook by G. Elmar Jones
A third professional magic clown covers still further ideas about where to find work, how to handle it, suggested gags for walkarounds, costuming, Santa Claus work, make-up, and other things the magic clown has to know.


The book is illustrated with full-page photographs of clowns of all kinds - seventeen different kinds of make-up and costume are displayed for your full education in this line. On the subject of make- up, face charts showing how it is done are included, and you get three different sets of professional opinions on how best to do it. 
Be ready for next season with a brand new act-be a magic clown.

Details: How To Be a Magic Clown vol.2  - Fifth Printing Edition

96 pages, comb binding, size 5 1/2". by 8 1/2".

‚ÄčNote: We also stock the First Volume in this series "How To be A Magic Clown" by Ernie Kerns, listed else where in this site.


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