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Flash Bang Wand - Double Shot

  • Not Sold To Minors!
  • This Item Requires Flash Paper & Caps to Operate!

Flash Bang Wand - Double Shot

This Wand is made of Aluminum and Steel!

Effect: With just a simple flick of the wrist, you create a magical FLASH and BANG to add a dramatic touch to any part of your show! A beautiful metal magic wand shoots a flash and a loud report from each end at your command! You get Two Shots from the wand before needing to reload., you just have to turn the wand over and give it another flick of the wrist to fire it again. User Instructions are included.

This wand is Great for Magicians to use in their shows to accent an effect! The wand has many other possible uses as well in theatrical plays, TV commercials, photography shoots especially for a Magical look. The wand is made of metal so it's quite easy to add contact paper or other decorations to change the look of it. It could also be hidden in other props IE: a staff or pole, as long as you can give it enough of a flick of the wrist to fire it. Basically there is a metal piece inside the wand that hits against the Cap to set off the Flash Paper.

The Many Uses for the Bang Flash Wand Include:

  • Theatrical Plays!
  • Magic Act!
  • Rok & Roll Music Acts!
  • Corpoarte Meetings & Events!
  • Sports Events!
  • Clown Skits!
  • Church Plays!
  • Halloween Prop!
  • Movie & TV Productions!

How it Works: This wand uses a simple child's safety Cap found in many toy stores to ignite a small piece of Flash paper that has been placed into the end of the metal wand. The wand is very simple to load and takes less than a minute. The wand has removable ends, that screw off,  you load the Cap onto an end in the designed place, screw this end back on to the main body of the wand and repeat with the other end of the wand. You then will insert Flash Paper Into the end of each tip. When you flick your wrist sort of in a downward or across your body, a metal piece inside the wand hits the cap thus causing the flash paper to ingite and fire out of the wand. Depending on how big a piece 

Please NOTE: This wand requires the following items to operate:

  1. Single Shot Caps BF07 (one cap per end for each use) 96 shots per card.
  2. Flash Paper LF02 Pad (a small sheet approximately 2 inches by 2 inches per end/per shot is needed) Or use Flash Paper 4 Sheets in Envelope (LF03 apprpx. 8" by 9 inches square)

These items can be found listed elsewhere on this website. Sold Separately.

This item is Not sold to persons under the age of 18 years!


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