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Laughter Legacy by David Ginn

  • Hardbound Book!
  • Lots of Great Material!

Laughter Legacy

By David Ginn

David Ginn shares over 1,300 jokes, gags, remarks and bits of comedy wisdom that you can use in any situation when talking to and in front of people, for those times you want to say something funny.  40 Chapters of funny lines categorized for different situations and types of remarks. - kids, old age, TV, trave, banquets, magic tricks, helpers on stage, and more. 

The most unusual patter book ever published in the field of magic and comedy. Created from Gene Gordon’s comedy notebooks he kept (handwritten) for over 40 years, this new hardbound book features 1300 jokes, gags, one-liners, quips, and bits of comedy wisdom for use by comedians, magicians, clowns, speakers, ministers, MCS, story-tellers, ventriloquists, humorists . . . in fact, anyone who uses words to make people laugh.

The 224-page hardbound book features 50 old-time photos to illustrate the chapters, plus 15 original Ed Harris cartoons, and the entire text is printed in brown ink to give the book an old-fashioned, quaint sort of look. But don’t let that fool you! The material in LAUGHTER LEGACY is just as funny today as when Gene Gordon first wrote, read, or heard it. Plus, I’ve updated many lines and added literally hundreds of new jokes with the help of friends like Sammy Smith, Steve Taylor, Duane Laflin, Bruce Johnson, Jeff Dickerson, Many Hahne, and more.

Laughter Legacy is divided into 40 chapters, categorized to make using the lines for certain occasions easy: (I) Intros, (2) Applause, (3) Audience Remarks, (4) Animals, (5) Education, (6) Food, (7) Clothing, (8) Magic Tricks, (9) No Easy Answers, (10) Health, ( it) Kid Helpers, (12) Family Matters,  (13) Doing Shows, (14) Out-door Shows, (15) Govemment & Taxes, (16) Sense & Nonsense, (17) People, (18) Cannibals, (19) Banquets, (20) Dog’s Life, (21) Name Games, (22) Money, (23) Magicians, (24) Props, (25) Mistakes, (26) Music, (27) Television, (28) Husbands/Wives, (29) Audience Helpers, (30) Christmas, (31) Small Town, (32) Work, (33) Parenting, (34) Weather, (35) Chicken Crosses the Road, (36) Trains, Boats, Planes, Autos, (37) Fill-in Remarks, (38) Philosophy, (39) Old Age, and (40) Closing Remarks.

If you talk during your act, you need Laughter Legacy. If you want a timeless reference book to help you create laughter, you need Laughter Legacy. If you want to affect people you meet, speak to, and entertain with words, you need LAUGHTER LEGACY! I honestly believe that you CANNOT read an entire page of this book without finding something funny to say!

Details: Laughter Legacy

224 pages, hardbound with dust jacket, size: 6" by 9".

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