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Colorful Magic Book


Colorful Magic Book

2nd edition copies

By David Ginn

David Ginn's first book, COLORFUL MAGIC, that has been reprinted one Last time. Colorful Magic is a 112-page book of wonder-filled magic with silks, doves, rabbits, flowers, candles and more. The book is filled with drawings and photos plus full explanations of the magic that David Giin is famous for. All of this magic David developed in both live shows and on Television appearances back in the era of 1965 to 1970s. The book explains some of his best productions, vanishes, and changes from one thing to another.

This edition is 50% larger with more pages and photos. Written in his University of Georgia days when he was doing 23 weekly TV appearances in Atlanta, this is vintage David Ginn magic that still works!

Contents Include:

Before I Start (David Ginn)

Chapter One Things That Work
9 Rabbit from Hand to Hat
11 Parfay Coke
14 Sponges in my Hat!

19 Chapter Two: A Bundle Of Color

27 Chapter Three: Backstage Birds
28 One-Hand Dove Production
30 Jumbo Cards Dove Production
31 Up Your Sleeve
32 Dove-Hat-Silks
34 Pick a Card or the Dove in the Pyrex Dish
35 Just Two More Doves
37 A Final Dove Note

39 Chapter Four: Pure Silk
39 A Big Silk Quick
41 20th Century Cane Opening
44 Multiplying Candle Finale
46 Tubes!

49 Chapter Five: Television Routines
49 Square Circle Discovery
51 Rope Evolution


Details: Colorful Magic Book

112 pages, softcovers, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Media Type Shipped Product

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