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Hand knit Crocheted Ball 2-inch Multi-Color R/W/B

  • Perfect Ending To Your Chop Cup Routine!
  • Also Great for Cups & Balls Finale!

Hand-knit Crocheted Ball 2-inch Multi-Color

Red, White and Blue

Orginailly Mfg. for Morrissey Magic - Canada

This Hand-knit Jumbo Crocheted Ball is 2-inch in diameter and is the perfect size for a finale load in a Cups and Balls or Chop Cup magic routine.

The Cork balls are covered with top quality wool. The multi-colored balls have beautiful combinations of color. Three bands of bright colors.These will not weight down your pockets as some other cheaper balls.

These balls look & feel great, they are hand washable and will last for many years. 

Please be aware that the photo may not show true color on your computer monitor. Many factors including brightness, contrast settings, the camera & kigghting used to take the photos may vary the color look some what than the actual ball color you get.

Please note: Other sizes & colors are available elsewhere on this site.

Media Type Shipped Product

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