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Club Clues

  • Club& Stage Magic!
  • Effects with Jumbo Cards, Silks, A Cane & Cards.
  • 32 Pages.

Club Clues

By Jerry Mentzer

An assortment of club and stage magic for your Act. Effects with silks, a cigarette, giant cards, cane, and more. Some things that would add variety to any performance. Line drawings illustrate all the key points.

Contents Include: Detailed information on the following items:

  • Slo Motion Cigarette and Silk Combo - A cigarette is openly placed in the performer's hand. Immediately both hands are shown empty, palms toward the spectators. The cigarette is immediately reproduced from the empty hand and lit. The lit cigarette is pushed into the performer's fist and from the fist, a silk handkerchief is produced with no signs of the cigarette remain.
  • Splitting Silks - The effect in which a single silk visually splits or dissolves into two silk handkerchiefs is one of the prettiest silk tricks possible.
    • ​Method 1 Double Silk
    • Method 2 
    • Method 3
    • Method 4
  • Triple Silks - In this effect, a knot is tied in the center of a silk handkerchief, perform the Double Splitting Silks, these two are tied and tossed into the air when they descend a Third silk is tied between them!
  • Visible Shrinking Card - Effect: While held in one hand at the fingertips, a playing card visually shrinks to half size and then to quarter size. If you'd like the card can then be vanished. No complicated sleights are required. This item makes a good interlude for any platform or stage routine.
  • Front Palm Card Production - Eighth or ten playing cards are produced fro the performer's hand one at a time. To climax the series of single cards a fan of cards is produced.
  • Jumbo Ace Assembly - Re-written instructions for "Clean Cut Four Aces" which originally appeared in the March 1972 "Linking Ring" Magazine.
  • Util-O-Silks - This item can be used in a variety of ways. Jerry describes the following effects using this secret device.
    • Silks To Large Ball
    • Silks to Confetti
    • Silks To Flowers
    • Silks To Dove
    • Blendo
    • Silks To Rope
    • Cards
    • Any Prop change
    • Vanish from Drinking Glass
    • Vanish from paper Tube
    • Visible Vanish
  • Visible Color Changing Silk - A silk handkerchief when tossed into the air changes color. The silk may be used in other tricks.
  • Cane Transpo - (Originally published in the June 1962 Linking Ring Magazine) Basic effect, a cane is wrapped in a sheet of newspaper. Wrapped cane is held by an assistant. The magician picks up silk displays it, changes into a cane. Assistant flips open newspaper and silk flutters out, the cane is gone.

Details: Club Clues  by Jerry Mentzer

35 pages,  Souf bound, saddle stitched, Size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2"

Copyright 1975 by Jerry Mentzer

Art by Commugraphics

Note: We manufacture & stock the following effects described in this booklet should you care to have the professionally made versions.  Double Silks, Triple Silks, Util-O-Silks, they all can be found elsewhere on this website.

A Magic Methods Publication

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