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Cresey Production Mouth Coils 25ft. Rainbow Streamers

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  • 25-foot Mouth Coil Streamers!
  • Rainbow Color!
  • 12 Per Package!

Cresey Brand

Production Coils 25ft. Rainbow Color 

AKA - Mouth Coils

A braided streamer of multicolored paper that can be produced from almost anywhere.

The basic effect throughout many years in the magic community has always been to tear up a strip of white tissue paper and place in your mouth followed by the production of twenty-five feet of the multicolored paper streamer. Many magicians then make some type of additional magical production from under the crumpled up paper streamer. 

This production of lots of paper seems to always get a great reaction from your audience!

In the new PC world placing the paper in your mouth has fallen out of favor as of late. So... there are many ways to produce the paper streamer and get even better applause! The paper streamer can be reproduced from almost any production device, tube, box, etc.  

The idea of using a Paper Hat Tear and a 25-foot Production Coil Together in a Routine:

My favorite way to use one of the multicolor 25-foot streamers at a Birthday celebration is to bring the Birthday child front and center. I introduce two sheets of tissue paper from a paper hat tear Trick. I tear the two pieces in half. The child is given half of each piece and asked to also tear their halves in half again. Sometimes this becomes funny depending on the child's age. Regardless, I help the child if needed to accomplish my request. The papers are magically turned into a paper hat. I ask the child if I may place the hat on their head. I then go into another routine with the true "Star" of the day the Birthday Child. Following this, interlude the child has been wearing the colorful Paper Hat all this time and for the grand finale, I ask them to take it off, take a bow as I take hold of the hat and explain they can do the next trick. They are asked to wave their hand over the hat and then as I reach inside I pull the beginning of the Production Streamer into view I place it into their hand and allow them to pull it out to its full length even going into the audience if possible. The streamer is wrapped into a large circle and placed around the child's neck, hat replaced on their head as I lead the beginning of the Happy Birthday song, the family & friends will jump right in for a grand finish!

Over many years of using this product, I've taught many types of entertainers multiple ways to use them in their own acts. Including exotic dancers, hula dancers, actors, mines, clowns, fire-eaters, etc. All it takes is a little imagination 

Each package contains 12  handmade production coils that are Not reusable.

These Coils are proudly Made in The U.S.A. by Cresey Products.


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