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Hat Tear - Clown Style

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  • Hat Paper Tear!
  • 12 per Package!
  • Easy To Perform!

Magic Hat Paper Tear  

Clown Hat Version

Two colored tissue sheets are torn and crumpled up. If you'd prefer you can allow the volunteer to tear up one of the pieces of tissue paper, then return it to you to ball up. Some funny by play and sillies are take place along the way to revealing the Paper hat. Wave funny wands, offer a "Break Away" fan, say or ask the helper to do funny hand gestures, let your imagination help create a script.  Once the torn papers have been balled up, they are then reopened to revel they have fused back together into a novel hat, which can be presented to your volunteer to wear. You can then ask them to help in another routine while wearing the hat or send them back to their seat with your thanks! Some magicians actually magically produce something from the paper hat.

In this version, a Clown Hat is magically produced. Perfect for your Birthday & Family Gigs. 

Each package contains 12 hat tears, they are Not reusable and are generally given to the volunteer for helping in your show.

Complete with pre-made apparatus and detailed instructions.

Made in India

Media Type Shipped Product

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