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Osborne Illusion Systems Book 3 by Paul Osborne

  • Learn to Build your Own illusions!
  • The Third Book in the Paul Osborne's Series!

Illusion Systems 


Osborne Illusion Systems Book 3

Begin to Build Your Own Illusions

by Paul Osborne

Over one hundred pages of more illusion ideas and building tips written by Paul Osborne. Enjoy a foreword by Andre' Kole and 21 illusion ideas from David Ginn, Stan Allen, Rand Woodbury, Tom Palmer, and others. Share building secrets from Bill Smith, Scott Davis and many, many more. This volume features an unprecedented section on the "Lightbulb Girl" illusion. History on the prop is provided by George Johnstone. Its workings are fully detailed and two portable versions are shown for the very first time. In addition to the many illustrations and photos, our third volume also features a chapter on "quickies" - illusions that you can easily and quickly construct out of scrap wood or cardboard.

This book is loaded with information for the magic historian, the collector, the builder and the performer. It's a must for your shelves.

Contents Include:

3 Paul Osborne
4 Introduction
5 Foreword by Andre Kole
8 Tips: building tips
9 Quickies
10 - Toy Box Miracle: assistant appears from cardboard boxes
11 - Poof!: quick flash appearance for magician
12 - Crystal Case: smaller version of Crystal Casket
13 - The Flower Girl: lady appears from small bush
14 - Costume Case: based on costume trunk illusion
15 The Sacrifice (Masklyn ye Mage): assistant vanishes from robe
18 Comedy Sawing In Half (Noel Coward)
21 Tips: more builder's tips
22 Bill Smith's Tips
24 Using Hardwoods (Scott Davis)
27 Performing Illusions (Doug Anderson): article
31 Emperor's Tea Chest: assistant production
33 Ape Escape: gorilla appears and escapes, put back in, and changes to princess
39 Do It Different! (David Ginn): How to present illusions differently, and some examples
40 - The Hindoo Sword Basket
42 - Dragon Box Girl Production
43 - The Palanquin
46 Multimedia: production for magician and assistant
50 Hindoo Screens: assistant vanishes in transparent screens
53 Broom Plus (Stan Allen): variation of broom suspension
57 Tips: more building tips
59 Spring Hinges (Ed Verba): 
61 Passkey Illusion: assistant passes through a small keyhole
65 Verticle Shadow Box (Rand Woodbury): shadow becomes your assistant inside box
68 Fast Finish (Paul Osborne): putting on a final finish to your woodwork
70 The Diamond Blade Of Bagdad (Tom Palmer): a chopping illusion changes to a tranpsosition
75 Light Bulb Ladies: discussion of the the Light Bulb Girl Illusion
76 The Blackstone Light Bulb Girl (George Johnstone): article
81 Luminaire 13 (Jack Dean): light bulbs are pushed through an assistant
95 Lady Iluma: light tubes penetrate the assistant
97 Hade-E-Table Levitation: a child levitates on the magician's table
100 After Thoughts: care of your illusions
102 Thanks


Details: Begin to Build Your Own Illusions Book 3 by Paul Osborne

102 pages, soft covers, comb-binding, size: 8 1/2" by 11".


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