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Illusions The Evolution and the Revolution of the Magic Box by Paul Osborne


Illusions The Evolution and the Revolution of the Magic Box

By Paul Osborne

This book features a comprehensive history of the evolution of illusion as well as Paula's personal story that led him to a career of creating designing and producing illusion shows for large theme parks.

This publication includes the "Illustrated History of Illusions" by Jim Steinmeyer, plus 13 new illusion blueprints, building tips, the Tom Palmer story, and the Osborne story. Also included are the Vanishing Elephant and hundreds of photos, plans, and illusion concepts.

A comprehensive addition to your magic book collection.

From the Preface of this 241-page book, the author writes: "This book is an illustrated history of illusion. It points to the future of illusion and illusion thinking. I have included some methods of creating new miracles with props you may already have and you will find thirteen never-before-seen plans for illusions that would support my theories of the revolution that is taking place in the world of illusion; creating, building, and performing. I have also included a chapter on my life in that I have been rolling around props since my childhood days. I wanted to focus on illusions as they relate to show business with this book and I couldn't honestly do that without revealing my past and plugging you into the most creative people that make up my chemistry. I hope that this assembly of words at the proper time will affect your life as they have affected mine. Many great folks in the world of illusion have helped with this volume including Jim Steinmeyer, Tim White, Rand Woodbury, David Copperfield, Ben Robinson, Bev Bergeron, Bruce Chadwick, Bill Smith, David Charvet, John Moehring, Gloria Marcom, Ralph Adams, Brian, and Micky Hades, David Thomason, The Blackstone family, Tim Kole, and Mark Kalin. I hope that this book will be the leader in a thought pattern that we all must adapt if magic and illusions are to grow and prosper."

Included throughout are photos and diagrams illustrating each illusion described.

Contents Include:

Illusion plans by Osborne, Rand Woodbury, Tim White, and Andrew Mayne.

 The Evolution by Jim Steinmeyer

• Disappearing and Appearing Elephants by Ben Robinson

• Bygone Miracles by Bill Smith

• The Gwynne Modern Cabinet

• The Revolution

• Plastic Laminates by Bruce Chadwick 

• Total Eclipse of the Heart

• Mabel ‘95 

• The Fugitive

• Jungillusion!

• Displace Case

• Grandfather's Clock

• Splitchick

• Krystal Kube  

• Duck Die Box

• Many more!

Details: Illusions The Evolution and the Revolution of the Magic Box

241 pages, sift covers, pervect bound, size 8 1/2" by 11".

©1995 Paul Osborne, Illusion Systems, Dallas, TX

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