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Build Your Own Illusions Book Two by Paul Osborne

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Build Your Own Illusions Book Two

by Paul Osborne

This, the second in a series, features a touching foreword by Webster Bull of "Le Grand David" plus building tips from the pros of magic: Bob Kline, Owen Magic, George Kimery, David Mendoza, Owen Redwine and others. Over 19 full illusion plans and ideas are featured including contributions from: Micky Hades, Dave Jackson, Paul Driscoll, Doug Anderson, Tony Spina, Ed Verba and Jack Dean, to name only a few. This book features literally hundreds of Osborne illustrations plus many never-before-seen illusion plans.

Contents Include:

  • Dedication

  • Paul Osborne

  • Introduction

  • Forward (Webster Bull)

13 The Illusionist (Paul Driscoll): essay
21 Chalet Magic Co. Building Tips (George Kimery)
23 The Lion & Cobra: version of Hippity Hop Rabbits
26 Thin Model Sawing Improvement (Mr. Art)
27 Tip - The Crystal Casket
28 Plastics (Ed Verba): tips on building in plastic
30 Tip - Hinges
31 Tony Spina's Silkspension: produced silks create a firm suspension for assistant
34 Performing and Maintenance Tips (Mark Evans and Marlynn)
36 The Cabana Illusion: version of the Doll House
40 Magicraft (David Mendoza): building tips
42 Doug Anderson's 2 From 1: addition to Crystal Casket Illusion
43 The DeKolta Chair: vanish from a chair
46 - The DeKolta Sneak: for stages without a trap
47 Owen Magic Supreme (Gertrude Smith, Les Smith & Alan Zagorsky): more building tips
49 The Ark of Tibet: assistant appears within the ark
52 Martin Eldridge & Associates: more project tips
55 Design (Bob Kline): article
58 Orbs: Stratospheres for stage with an assistant appearance
59 Tip - The Mismade Girl
61 The Bullet Proof Girl (Jack Dean): card held by spectator is shot and gets a hole in it, while glass behind breaks, and spectator is unharmed
74 Dinner For Two: a whole dinner layout appears on an empty table
76 The Prisoner's Dream (Micky Hades): assistant and magician transpose in a crystal cylinder
79 Formica (Tom Gibbon): tips on working with it
80 She's Come Undone: twist on girl without a middle
83 The Radio Illusion (Dave Jackson): another idea for the Doll House Illusion
84 Ideas (Owen Redwine): signaling device circuit and other tips
86 The Missplaced Maiden: assistant turns upside down and right again though shackled
87 Tip - Doves From Air
89 The Stretcher Illusion: assistant is expanded inside a cabinet
92 The Witch Doctor Illusion: assistant changes into a witch doctor
95 The Bio-Tron: assistant materializes inside the chamber
98 Thanks

No magic enthusiast should be without this one-of-a-kind illusion publication.

Details: Build Your Own Illusions Book Two by Paul Osborne

98 pages, soft covers, comb binding, size 8 1/2" by 11".

Media Type Shipped Product

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