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Build Your Own Illusions By Jim Sommers

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Build Your Own Illusions Book

Complete Text & Drawings for 20 Practical Stage Size Magical Tricks

By Jim Sommers

Jim Sommers is a full-time professional magician. He always uses a few illusions in his show, and he has built these himself. His plan in making illusions and writing about them, is based on the theory that many magicians live in small apartments, drive small cars, handle their shows themselves. The tricks in this book will fit into the life-style of these magicians. 
Contents: About Jim Sommers Visible Sawing Thru The Money Tree The Dog's House Boy to Rabbit Suitcase to Table Flying Carpet Plus Poor Man's Flash Appearance Tabouret Volkswagen Sword Basket Cargo Cage Vanish Flying Carpet ala Rigid Rope The Girl in the Big Balloon Hollywood Smoke Machine Rickshaw Cremation AltarClock Production Fred's Screen Keyhole Illusion Folding Glass Box Hardware Hinges for Escape Tricks 88 pages Spiral bound - Fully Illustrated

Contents Include

  • To the Reader by Jim Sommers
  • About Jim Sommers
  • The Money Tree
  • Boy to Rabbit
  • Flying Carpet Plus
  • Tabornet
  • Cargo Cage Vanish
  • Girl In the Big Balloon
  • Rickshaw
  • Clock Production
  • Keyhole Illusion
  • Hardware
  • Visible Sawing Thru
  • The Dog's House
  • Suitcase to Table
  • Poor Man's Flash Appearance
  • The Volkswagen Sword Basket
  • Flying Carpet ala Rigid Rope
  • The Hollywood Smoke Machine
  • Cremation Altar
  • Fred's Screen
  • Folding Glass Box
  • Irby Hinges for Escape Tricks

Details: Build Your Own Illusions by Jim Sommers 
©1974 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
88 pages, softcover, comb-bound, size 81/2" by 11".

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