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VHS - Amazing Magic Tricks with Cards

  • VHS Video Format!

Mastered in Minutes Video Library


VHS - Amazing Magic Tricks with Cards

This video will make you look like a professional. Learn 25 tricks with playing cards.


Here is just a sample of the easy-to-learn Card Magic you'll discover on this video:

  • Two Cards selected by someone as you deal through the deck match two predictions made in advance!
  • Find a chosen cad by feeling the pulse of the person who selected it!
  • Become a detective as you spot a thumbprint on the back of a chosen card!
  • Tell a charming story where the Kings and Queens go on a date to the movies!
  • Repeatedly deal yourself Three of a kind in a poker demonstration and finish with a Royal Flush!
  • Arrange 12 cards like the face of a clock and predict which hour someone will name!
  • And Much More!


Amaze Your Friends Without Years of Practice!

Details VHS - Amazing Magic Tricks with Cards

Please Note: this is a VHS video format

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