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Magic With a Copper/Silver Coin Book

  • A compilation of tricks with a double-sided coin. Most tricks are simple & easy to do.
  • In all twelve tricks and variations are taught.
  • 32 Pages, softcover, saddle-stitched.
  • SKILL LEVEL- Basic

Magic With A Copper/Silver Coin Book 

By Jerry Mentzer

Magic With A Copper/Silver Coin Book contains a compilation of tricks with the double-sided coin. Most tricks are simple and easy to do such as the transposition of a copper coin and a silver coin from hand to hand. In all twelve tricks and variations are taught. The book is softbound with thirty-two numbered pages.


  • About The Gimmicked Coin
  • A Simple Transposition: Copper/Silver plus English Penny. One is removed from the closed fist and the coins transpose.
  •  Follow the Penny: 2 Copper/Silver coins, 1 Half. Two Silver, One Copper is shown. Copper is put in your pocket, and the Copper turns to Silver, Copper is found in the hand. This is repeated.
  •  Copper and Silver Transposition Number One: In the spectator's hand, all can be examined at the end.
  • The Bobo Switch; a utility move
  •  Number Two: An alternate beginning for Number One, allows coins to be examined at the start.
  • Number Three: Non-sleight version, similar to "A Simple Transposition"
  •  Number Four: A nice transposition in the spectator's hand, ends clean
  • Presto Chango: Two Silver coins are shown, the hand closes, Two Copper are shown. Your Hand closes, Two Silver coins are shown. Hand Closes, One Copper, One Silver. Ends clean.
  • Buddha's Coin (Hen Fetsch): A C/S transposition using Buddha Papers
  • Coin Fantasy (Jules Lenier): The routine that comes with many C/S products.
  • Transposition Two (from Horace Bennett's The Bennett Touch) detailed transposition on the coin purse. Ends clean, and both sides are shown at the start.
  • Not So Relentless (from "Horace Bennett's Fourth Book"): Three halves in one hand trade places with three English pennies in the other. 
  • Selected References

Details; Magic With a Copper/Silver Coin
©1988 Jerry Mentzer.  Illustrated by Richard Bartram, Jr.
 32 Pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, Size: 5.5 x 8.5".


A Magic Methods Publication

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