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Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam – Deceptions in Paradise

  • "The ’Twist Move’ with coins is worth the price of the book"
  • SKILL LEVEL- Advanced


 Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 

Deceptions in Paradise 

 by Jerry Mentzer

Great close-up magic! Professional routines that Mr.Kam has used for many years in his own professional gigs in Hawaii and around the world. This edition is printed with soft covers and with a wire comb binding for easy practice while reading, size is 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. 110 pages, 149 line drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr. The ’Twist Move’ with coins is worth the price of the book.

Curtis Kam is known in the magic community as a lecturer, lawyer, author, and a popular contributor to various periodicals. In this book, knockout magic with coins and cards predominate, but also included are professional routines with such unappreciated tricks as "Jumping Gems". Headline routines included: Twisted Trio, Kamnibal Cards, Greensleeves, A Girl's Best Friend, Ring, Ring and Rope, Shrink A Card, Coercive Purse, Framed Wild {Pocket, Chink-A-Chink, Coffee and Dough, and more, many other audience-tested professional close-up routines.

Contents Include:

Introduction by Jerry Mentzer: about Curtis Kam and the book

Chapter One – Professional Coin Routines

  • Twisted Trio: three coins are produced from nowhere, pass from hand to hand, are placed in the pocket yet produced again, and vanish one at a time. Features the “Twist Production” and the “Twist Shuttle Pass”. Uses four coins.
  • Framed Wild Pocket: A “Wild Coin” routine. Three Silver Dollars are produced from a coin frame one at a time. A small Chinese coin is shown and turns each silver coin into a large Chinese Coin, then one Chinese coin shrinks. Uses a purse frame, 3 silver dollars, one silver dollar sized Chinese coin, and one quarter-sized Chinese coin. Good for a restaurant gig as only a small section of a table is needed momentarily and resets as you perform the effect.
  • Coercive Purse: An English Penny is produced from a purse frame, and then a half dollar. The English Penny then vanishes into the coin purse and transposes with the Half dollar. The Half is then removed from the purse. This is repeated. Then the Penny is placed in the pocket, yet comes out of the purse. On the repeat, the Penny gets stuck, because the half has turned into a jumbo coin. Requires a purse frame, C/S coin, English Penny, and a jumbo 3″ Half Dollar.
  • The Flying Shuttle Pass: from Kam’s 1993 lecture notes
  • Chink-A-Chink: four coins in a diamond pattern assemble to one location. Uses 5 coins
  • Copper/Silver Flurry: Spectator holds a Chinese coin and the magician does a flurry with a Silver Dollar. The Dollar suddenly changes to the Chinese coin, and the spectator finds she is holding the silver dollar. Uses two-dollar coins and one Chinese coin.
  • Hopping Half: a “hopping half” routine using a Copper/Silver coin rather than the Hopping Half set.

Chapter TwoProfessional Card Routines

  • Kamnibal Cards: Cannibal Cards with a happy ending; no gaffs
  • Shrink A Card: Deck shrinks and a small card is removed. Deck grows back to normal, and the small card turns out to be the original selection, which the spectator may keep. Uses a regular deck and one mini-card
  • Move to the Front of the Glass: a selection penetrates the deck in a glass, the first time “faded”, and the 2nd time the full signed card penetrates
  • About Face!: the selection ends up on the magician’s forehead even though the deck is handled behind the magician’s back
  • Hard-Boiled Detective: Story effect using a stacked deck
  • Greensleeves: Four Cards to Pocket, actually four different places and reproductions

Chapter ThreeProfessional Close-Up Routines

  • A Girl’s Best Friend: Uses two Jumping Gems rods modified to look like earrings
  • Ring, Ring, & Rope: ring and rope routine using the magician’s finger ring (and a gimmick)
  • The Twenty One Cent Murder Mystery: an approach to the commercial "21 Cent coin trick"
  • Tablehopper’s Salt Trick: a quickie salt production
  • The Las Vegas Dream Routine: in this prediction effect, the spectator completes the dream with an amazing coincidence
  • Coffee and Dough: Single cup and ball routine using a torn dollar bill and a coffee cup. The spectator’s torn bill is restored at the end, and a final load appears

By: Jerry Mentzer: Professional Close-Up of Curtis Kam Deceptions in Paradise
©1996 - Hardbound Edition - Currently Out Of Print - Published by Magic Methods

©2015 “Comb Binding Edition”,-  Published by Magic Methods
Illustrations by Richard Bartram, Jr.
110 Pages, SoftCovers, Spiral Binding.


A Magic Methods Publication

Special Note: In Chapter three of the book, Mr. Kam presents his routine & handling for the effect known as "Jumping Gems" titled by him as "A Girl's Best Friend". Mr. Kam's version requires you to add some earring hooks to your set of rods, which you could do yourself. However..since the book was published we've had so many requests for these "Rods" that we had our "Hot Rod" manufacture make up a few sets. We don't know how long we'll be able to get these, so if the routine interest you, they are listed as a separate product on this website.


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  • Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam – Deceptions in Paradise by Jerry Mentzer

    5 Stars

    "Each effect is explained in detail with many clear line drawings. At the end of each description, a "patter" section is provided that outlines the whole routine again, but with suggested flow and words." - from

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