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Self-Working Coin Magic

  • Coin Tricks!
  • 92 Foolproof Tricks!
  • 251 Illustrations
  • Skill level: Basic

Self-Working Coin Magic

By Karl Fulves

92 simple to do tricks with coins. Sure to dazzle any audience!

Money and magic — a combination that never fails to attract attention! With this helpful and revealing book, even novices can astound friends and relatives with mystifying magical feats requiring little more than common coins and paper currency.
Written by one of today's foremost authorities on self-working magic tricks (those that need no special dexterity or long hours of practice), this how-to book features an impressive array of 92 simple-to-do tricks sure to dazzle any audience.
Clearly worded instructions and 251 illustrations show beginning as well as veteran conjurers how to pluck a seemingly endless number of coins from the air, make a coin penetrate a tabletop, and perform psychic tricks with coins and bills. "Quick Print" lets you apparently print a genuine $5 bill on blank paper, while "Bunco Bills" takes the audience behind the scenes to expose the methods of the shortchange artist. Other intriguing illusions include "Metal Bending," "Tower of Nickels," "Balancing Act," "Thru the Ring," "Immovable Object," "Sealed-Box Mystery," and dozens of other phenomenal tricks.
No previous experience is necessary to perform these tricks and apart from the required currency, most call for nothing more than a few easy-to-find items (tabletop, cup, handkerchief, playing cards, etc.). Almost all can be mastered in a short time.

Contents Include:

Easy Money Magic:
1 Quarter Bet: Half dollar covers quarter, but a dime is revealed
2 Money Changes: Dime cleanly shown changes to a half dollar
4 Five Riser: $1 on top of a $5 is rolled, now the $5 is on top
5 One From Two: Two coins shown front and back; one cleanly put in pocket, two are in the hand!
6 QuickPrint: paper turns into a $5 bill
7 Quick Copper: English Penny and Half Dollar magically separate
9 Animation: Stunt of bag of coins rattling
10 Never Was: A coin vanishes under a hanky

Stand Up Magic
12 Slap Coin: Hand containing coin is slapped, the coin is now on top!
14 Money Makes Money: Bill shown and folded, a coin falls out
15 Penny Tration: Seven coins are counted into spectator's hand, one leaves
16 Impromptu Bill Vanish: Rolled up bill vanishes
18 Crash Glass: Coin penetrates bottom of held glass
19 Hot Silver: Coin vanishes from hanky, appears in a hanky in a bag
21 Air Traffic: Pen pushed through hand vanishes and a coin appears
22 Higher: One half worn as a monocle disappears as magician turns around

Matter Thru Matter
24 Drop Kick: Four half dollars covered with a cup, one penetrates the table
25 Timing Pattern: Two coins repeatedly counted, one penetrates table
27 Tunnel Move: Coin slapped to the table, moved, and penetrates
29 Glass Go Coin to be vanished under the paper, covered by glass
31 Rub a Dub: A half dollar rubbed thru the table
33 Winged Silver: Con Vanishes From hanky covered glass

Coin Stunts:
35 Stay Put: Coin stays balanced on finger despite slap of the palm
36 Flip Out: Coin tossed from palm mysteriously spins
37 The Pivot: Quarter can be pivoted around quarter, spectator can't do it
38 Reflexes: Spectator can't catch the dollar
39 Metal Bending: Rocked coin "bends" visible
40 Tower of Nickles: Dime on top of stack, how do you make it the 2nd coin?
40 Bill Flip: Wallet flips in air and is caught
41 Spread the Wealth: Mathematical star puzzle
42 Penny Hex: rearrange the coins to form a hex
43 Dates: Find 1776 on a dollar
43 Snow: Finds anagram of "a white snow" on a dollar
43 Key & Scale: Find key and scale on a dollar
44 On the Line: place 3 pennies so two heads and two tails are on sides
44 Triangle Solitaire: a game to solve in fewest moves
45 Touch Four: arrange six pennies so each touches four others
45 Two-Headed Coin: How many heads? (2)
45 How many Eyes on a $1
46 Betting Lincoln: $5 bill land Lincoln Up?
46 Not a Half: Two coins total 55 cents, one is not a half dollar
46 Penny Catch: Found with head on one side, one on the other
46 Penny Checkers: Form four stacks in four moves
47 How many Ones on a $1
47 Date Bet: Get you can get closer to the date
47 Balancing Act: Balance a coin on the edge of a dollar
48 Confucius Coins: Rearrange rows of coins
50 Sharpers Game: Dime & Penny game

At The Table
51 Nimble Nickles: five coins gathered, one in each hand One moved, suddenly all move
53 Twist: a coin vanishes inside a twisted hanky under salt
55 Penny Ante: Two pennies covered by hands end up under one hand
56 Mobility: Three coins in a triangle covered by cards, one moves
57 Down Under: a coin is thrown up vanishes, thrown from the floor
60 Cover Up: Coin Matrix
62 Duet: Three coins in a hanky, one penetrates the table

65 Swindle Switch
65 The Masked Move: Coin and bill under hanky, coin penetrates
67 Thru the Ring: Coin in hanky through a ring, hanky pulled and the coin is freed!
68 Lock Pick: Coin and key switch places in a hanky
69 Miller's Magic: One-handed coin penetrates hanky

Prepared Tricks
72 Half & Half: Bill is put in an envelope which is cut in half, two half dollars pour out
74 Two coins: two coins and two cards move mysteriously
77 Porous coin: A pin passes through a coin wrapped in paper
78 Money Fly: three coins on a bill, the dime is selected and the others given to spectator They switch
80 Safe Deposit: a $1 and $5 are folded, the $5 vanishes
81 Magnetizo: a bill clings to another
82 Mystic Dime: Two half dollars in a cup penetrate the table to join coins in another cup
85 Topsy Turvy: Three copper, three silver in purse Three coppers go to a second purse
86 Astral Coins: Two coins penetrate up and down table with two cards
90 Puncture: A pencil penetrates a bill wrapped in paper

Short Change Tricks
93 Bunco Bills: The spectator is short changes after a purchase
95 Shortchanged: A $5 and $1 put in spectator's pocket and the $1 is removed They switch
97 Bamboozled: Money counted is different each time

 Money Mental
101 Divination: Three pairs of coins under three cards Magician determines which
102 Time Will Tell: Coins in clock turned over, magician matches them
104 Take One: Spectator takes a quarter, one half, or dollar The magician determines which one
105 Destiny: A coin is chosen A deck is dealt into four piles, the date matches the cards
106 Metalogic: Penny, Nickle, Dime, Quarter: magician can determine which one held
107 Immovable Object: Coin dropped in one of six glasses, moves, and matches

A Lesson in Timing
109 Easy as 123: a lesson in False Transfer by Bill Wisch
112 Coin thru the table: an application of the above

Haunted House:
113 Thru & Thru: A glass with a coin passes through to a second glass (Roy Walton)
114 Rebound: Silver in paper envelope switches with copper in an envelope
117 The Gathering: Coin moves from card to card in an old card game
119 Sealed Box Mystery: A coin penetrates up through the table to Matchbox
122 Holed Out: A coin is pushed through two holes smaller than itself
125 Coins & cups: four coins transfer from one cup to another

Platform Tricks
127 The Miser's Dream: uses a paper bag
129 Hyper Banking: Coin pushed through a slot in card disappears
131 Coinjuring: Coin tossed vanishes Caught in a hat, through to glass
132 A Stab in the Pack: Deck wrapped with a dollar, a knife finds the card
134 Pay Day: $20 put in one of three envelopes, others are torn up
135 Easy Money: Mathematical coin date book test

Details: Self-Working Coin Magic 

By Karl Fulves

136 Pages, softcover, perfect bound, size 5 1/2" by 8 1/2".

Media Type Shipped Product

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