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Copper and Silver Transposition Coin Set

  • Quality Set of Two Coins!
  • Perform many routines with!
  • Basic Instructions Included!

Copper and Silver Transposition Coin Set

Using the Double Faced Coin

 A U.S. half dollar on one side and a copper English penny on the opposite side. The set of two coins includes an ungimmicked English penny and basic instructions.

Basic effect: An English penny and a fifty-cent piece are used. The spectator closes his hand over the coper coin, seeing it up to the last moment. The performer holds the half dollar in his fist. When each opens his hand, the coins have changed places; that is, the spectator holds the half, while the performer has the penny. With are tossed into the spectator's hand for examination. They are genuine coins! This is just one of the many possible routines possible with this coin set.

​For more information and routines with this gimmicked coin, see our esclusive book by Jerry Mentzer - MAGIC WITH A COPPER/SILVER COIN elsewhere on this site.

A Magic Methods Product

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