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Eddy Wade's Deluxe Magic Kit

  • Deluxe Version of Eddy's BASIC Kit
  • Includes Classic Magic Props complete with illustrated instructions
  • Suitable for ages 8 to Adults
  • Easy To Learn, Once You Know The Secrets!

Eddy Wade Presents his custom Boxed Kit of 12 Amazing Magic Tricks these props were specifically selected by Eddy for the beginner magician. Tricks include props to do amazing magic with coins, playing cards and everyday objects. Puzzles & Optical illusions along with a basic magic wand are included along with a pocket size booklet of 50 additional magic tricks you can learn using objects found in most homes.

Everything is packaged in a custom cardboard box with Eddy Wade’s Official Logo.

Suitable for children ages 8 & up. 

NOTE: Some small parts are included so kit isn’t suitable for households with children under four years of age.

Media Type Shipped Product

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