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Deluxe Magic Set by E-Z

  • Beginners Magic Set!
  • Suitable for ages 6 years & up!

Deluxe Magic Set - Sm

Magic is Great Fun for All Ages!

110 Easy To Do Tricks!

This cardboard boxed set contains apparatus for 8 Tricks and a booklet of 102 tricks with everyday objects found around your home.

*Props included are:

  • Two Card Monte Trick
  • The Coin Savings Vanishing Bank 
  • The Pop Bottle trick
  • Tricky Paddles - Rabbit Appears in empty hat Then Vanishes off Paddle
  • Red Snapper Puzzle
  • Magic Spring and Ring Puzzle Trick
  • Anti-gravity Device - Learn to make your belt balance on the end of your finger
  • Magicians Secret Gimmick
  • Magician's Balancing Wand (made in deluxe cardboard)
  • Hopping Diamonds

*We reserve the right to substitute items as needed based on current stock. Usually if we substitute an item the replacement will be a better item than the one missing..

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