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AbracAmazing Magic Set

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  • Includes Instructions for Over 200 Tricks!
  • Includes a DVD with Instructions!
  • Includes a Production Table!
  • Bonus Tricks for Smart Phones & Tablet!
  • Suitable for Ages 8 years and up!

AbracAmazing Magic Set*

Amaze and entertain your friends and family! The Abracamazing Set comes with items to do over 200 easy to learn but professional magic tricks! Includes a production table that can be used to do tricks as well such as making items disappear and reappear! Comes with an instructional DVD and bonus free tricks for smartphones and tablet!


Abracamazing Magic Set Features:

  • Over 200 tricks to learn and perform! Professional magic made easy!
  • It comes with an instructional DVD and an instructional Book.
  • Bonus free tricks for smartphones and tablets!
  • Includes a production table that can also be used to do tricks!


Amaze and Entertain Your Friends and Family! 

Some of the Tricks Included:

  • Box of Mystery!
  • Magic Bubbles!
  • Bite Out Cookie
  • Metal Linking Rings!
  • Deck of PlayingFloating Bill Trick! Cards
  • Sponge Balls Routine!
  • Ring Thru String!
  • Magicians Secret Gimmick!
  • The Magic production Table!
  • Downloadable Digital Effects! Like The Princess Card Trick and Sponge balls from Screen!

Some of the tricks included in the 158-page multi-language instructional booklet require the use of objects you can find around most households.

A few of these tricks include:

  • Signed Bill To Roll!
  • A Very Strange Thing!
  • The Ten Spot!
  • Amazing Card Tricks using a Key card!
  • Eyes of an Eagle!
  • Mind reading Effects with cards, numbers, and more!
  • The Jokes on You!
  • The Hypnotized Arm!
  • The Astonishing Prediction!
  • The Great Detective!
  • The Vanishing Silk!
  • The Traveling Card!
  • The flying finish!
  • Vanishing Water!
  • Linking Clips!
  • Super Appearing Knot!
  • Upsidedown George!
  • You'll learn Tricks with Coins, paperclips, toothpicks, paper money, playing cards, string, rope, and much more!

*Please NOTE: Because of the oversize box required to ship this item, it does not qualify for free shipping. Our shopping cart will automatically add extra handling fees to this item for insurance and the extra-large box required to safely ship this big set to you.

Approximate Package Dimensions; 23 inches by 15 inches by 3 inches before packaging.

Suitable for Ages 8 years old to adult.

Originally Produced by Fantasma Magic for Pavilion Game Company to be sold at Toys R Us Stores.


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